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Pactus is a next generation consultancy helping clients to get better value from their IT suppliers. 

We operate in the context of a number of key trends:

  • IT is becoming increasingly central to the success of the whole organisation, driving the delivery of products and services. 
  • Cloud based business and service models are fundamentally changing the way services are delivered. 
  • Change is a constant.

Pactus helps our clients to address the impact of these trends on the IT supply base. Through a structured approach tailored to their needs, we help them select the right partners, ensure supplier led projects are delivered and help them to manage change and transformation in ongoing supplier contracts and relationships.

We have a strong track record of driving financial savings for our clients, but our approach is based on optimising value, not just saving cost. Often the value of higher quality, timely delivery or managing reputation is more important than simply saving money.

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Outsourcing risk? You can't...

Data protection compliance...check, 

Privacy policy compliance...check, 

information security policy compliance...check.

Most organisations that are outsourcing use the contract to manage regulatory and other risks. They place obligations on their suppliers to ensure that regulatory obligations are met, usually in the form of a set of policies that have to be adhered to. They then place penalties on the supplier in the event that these obligations are not ...

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